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Like a vase from the Ming dynasty,the years have cracked thesurface,but the fragile beauty still remains.

Telephone Interpreting....

In Pursuit of excellence in interpreting andtranslation:想知道1.85玲珑元素传奇。Simultaneous interpretation,是爱情啊F16

Translator PS:If you wanna read more English sub,pls contactus.

Advisers of CriminalLaw刑名师爷

Drunken Kung Fu醉无敌Ep30

The Patriot YueFei精忠岳飞2013Ep69

Tang Dynasty Good Man看着1.85必杀主宰唐朝好男人Ep40

Heroes in Sui and TangDynastie隋唐演义2013Ep62

Best Time最美的时光Ep47

Battle of Changsha战长沙Ep32

Lady & Liar千金女贼Ep46

Cruel Romance锦绣缘*Ep40

Tiger Mom虎妈猫爸VF45

Return of Happiness幸福归来Ep20

Evil Minds S01心理罪VF24

Love Through aMillennium相爱穿梭千年2VF28

Love Through a Millennium相爱穿梭千年VF12

Cupid Above桃花运Ep38

Fall in Love With YouAgain转身说爱你VF32

Back In Time: Long Time NoSee匆匆那年:好久不见Ep16

Love For Three Lifetimes情定三生Ep40

Good Times大好时光Ep38 VF

The Adventure for Love寻找爱的冒险Ep21

Still Lala我是杜Ep14

The Crossing Hero超级大英雄VF28

First Love柠檬初上VF40

Go! Goal! Fighting!旋风十一人VF31

Epiphyllum Dream昙花梦VF43

Ice and Fire of Youth1.85玲珑元素冰与火的青春Ep44

Yes! Mr. Fashion是!尚先生VF28

The Ladder of Love 爱的阶梯VF69

Super Star Academy超星星学园VF30

Proud of Love别那么骄傲2VF18

Hello Mr. Right老师晚上好VF24

Master Devil Do Not KissMe恶魔少爷别吻我VF23

Master Devil Do Not KissMe恶魔少爷别吻我 第二季VF23

Destined to Love You偏偏喜欢你VF41

Operation Love求婚大作战VF32

I Love My President Though He's APsycho总裁在上我在下VF10

Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang新萧十一郎2016VF42

A General, a Scholar and anEunuch戴流苏耳环的少女 VF48

Hot Girl麻辣变形计VF37

A General, a Scholar and anEunuch超时空男臣VF32

Candle in the Tomb: The WeaselGrave汇总鬼吹灯之黄皮子坟VF20

Memory Lost美人为馅VF36

The Journey寻找前世之旅VF24

Line Walker: The Prelude 使徒行者2VF30

Cambrian Period -寒武纪VF24

In the Name of People人民的名义Ep28

+Legend of the CondorHeroes射雕英雄传2017版F52

Come With Me性在有情2017VO16

+face off特化师*F42V40

+New Smiling ProudWanderer 笑傲江湖2018版O33

When We Were Young不朽的时光V10

+Oh! My Emperor我的皇帝陛下V

+Detective samoyeds热血长安V31

List V:

*Grand Prince大君F20

*The Lost Tomb盗墓笔记F10

*I Am Not an Elite听说1.85玲珑我不是精英F40


*Medalist Lawyer Heir继承人F43

*The Disguiser伪装者F41

*Magic Star奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时F51

*Fifteen Years of Waiting for MigratoryBirds十五年等待候鸟F22

*Love, Just Come爱来的刚好F60

*Die Now端脑F20

*All About Secrets秘果F24

*Love's Relativity恋爱相对论F33

*My Best Ex-Boyfriend最佳前男友F42

*Mr. Right恋爱先生F45

*Delicious Destiny美味奇缘F56

*Square Pegs戆夫成龙F20

*Summers desire泡沫之夏F14

*The king's loves恋爱中的王F20

*They Kiss Again恶作剧2吻F20

*Coffee Prince咖啡王子1号店F17

*Cheer Up无理的前进F12


*My Secret Romance焦急的罗曼史F13

*Gu Family Book九家之书F24

*Go Go Waikiki加油!威基基F20

*Last Minute Romance终极1.85必杀元素传奇罗曼史F2

*Cheese in the Trap奶酪陷阱F17

*Boys Over Flowers花样男子F25

*Descendants of the Sun太阳的后裔F18

*Go Back高白夫妇F12

*The Confidant大太监F33

*Gilded Chopsticks食为奴F25

*Can't Buy Me Love公主嫁到F32

*The Painter of the Wind风之画员F20

*Hero of the Year好想谈恋爱F72

*Singles Villa只因单身在一起F24

*Kim Soo Ro金首露F32

*Loving You a ThousandTimes爱你千万次F55

*Fool's Love玲珑传奇 修改版v1.0浩九的爱情F16

*Tree With Deep Roots树大根深F24

*Band of Sisters (Unni IsAlive)姐姐还活着F68

*Behind Your Smile 浮士德的微笑F19

*Noble, My Love高尚的你F20

*Lovely Love Lie (The Liar and HisLover)她爱上了我的谎F16

*Ruler: Master of theMask君主-假面的主人F40

*Doctor Crush女流氓慧静F20

*Longing Heart操心F10

*The Perfect Match 极品绝配F22

*The Life and Times of aSentinel紫禁惊雷F26

*It Started with a Kiss恶作剧之吻F20

*We Are In Love我们相爱吧第三季王鸥、潘玮柏F14

*We Are In Love我们相爱吧第二季陈柏霖F12

*We Are In Love我们相爱吧第一季林心如F12

*Office Girls小资女孩向前冲F25

*erhaps Love (LoveHouse)Season4如果爱第四季F12

*Go Ho's Starry Night评价女王F20

*Secret Door秘密之门F14


*You Colored My World看着传奇路从今夜白之遇见青春F31

*goblin the lonely and greatgod孤单又灿烂的神-鬼怪F16

*its okay thats love没关系,相比看1.85虎威必杀元素。闪电F31

*weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo举重妖精金福珠F16

+When a man love a woman当男人爱上女人F15

*strong woman do bongsoon大力女子都奉顺F16

*oh my ghostess Oh我的鬼神大人F16

City Still Believe inLove北上广依然相信爱情O11

+A Love So Beautiful致我们单纯的小美好F24

+Love & Life &Lie遇见爱情的利先生F41

+My Girlfriend'sBoyfriend看着1%2e85玉兔元素我女朋友的男朋友S1S2F32

Precious Youth那年青春我们正好O3

*When a Snail Falls inLove如果蜗牛有爱情F21

Beyond Light Years初遇在光年之外

The Cage of Love抓住彩虹的男人O2

Dear Prince亲爱的王子大人F19

+Think Before You Marry想明白了再结婚F38

+Fighting Time职场是个技术活F56

Far Away Love远得要命的爱情O13

* Love O2O微微一笑很倾城F30

*Across the Ocean to SeeYou漂洋过海来看你F44

+The Reborn of Super Star重生之名流巨星F16

+The Golden Age of the LeftoverLadies盛女的黄金时代F26

*Radiant office自体发光办公室F16

*one percent ofsomething1%的可能性(2016)F16

+Attack it, Lightning!进击吧,为爱而生F24

*Cinderella and FourKnights灰姑娘与四骑士F16

+Love Actually人间至味是清欢F43

+Fated to Love You命中注定我爱你F24

*My Sassy Girl我的野蛮女友F16

+Love Me If You Dare他来了请闭眼F24


+Dear princess/My LittlePrincess亲爱的公主病F16

+Stay With Me放弃我抓紧我F 39

Love is in the Air幸福近在咫尺O1

+Pretty Li Hui Zhen漂对于玲珑加速器亮的李慧珍F40

+You are My Sister你是我的姐妹F41

Best get going加油吧实习生O35

Memories of Love一路繁花相送*F30V

*My Love From Another Star来自星星的你F21

*My Amazing Boyfriend我的奇妙男友F28

+I Cannot Hug You无法拥抱的你S2O

+I Cannot Hug You无法拥抱的你S1F32

*My Love Eun Dong亲爱的恩东啊F16

*I am not a robot不是机器人啊F32

*A poem a day致忘了诗的你F16

+Happy Noodle幸福的面条F40

*Autumn's Concerto下一站幸福F21

Love, Just Come爱来的刚好F60G55

*The Bride of the WaterGod河伯的新娘2017F16

My Sunshine我不知道蜀山传奇玲珑符咒秘籍何以笙箫默O3V36

*another oh hae young又, 吴海英F20

*love in trouble suspiciouspartner奇怪的搭档F40

+Our Love爱的创可贴F32

War Flowers乱世丽人行O2

+Where the lost ones go可惜不是你F24

+We Fall In Love咱们相爱吧F58

*Beautiful Secret美丽的秘密F39

A Clear Midsummer Night盛夏晚晴天O1

The Queen of SOP胜女的代价

*Only Side by Side with You南方有乔木F40

*My Mr. Mermaid浪花一朵朵F36

*My Name Is Kim Sam Soon我叫金三顺F16

*Because of Meeting You因为遇见你F56

*Switch of Fate忍冬艳蔷薇F46

*The Lover's Lies爱人的谎言F54

*The Wife's Lies妻子的谎言F52

*With you最好的我们F24

*Runaway groom 100逃婚100次F10

*Revolutionary love卞赫的爱情F16


+Whirlwind Girl 1.85必杀元素旋风少女2F35

+Whirlwind Girl 旋风少女1O16


*Uncontrollably fond lightlyardently任意依恋F20

*Winter Sonata冬日恋歌F20

*Girl in Blue佳期如梦F32

+Delicious Destiny美味奇缘F56

*Tea Love闪亮茗天F82

*Scarlet Heart 2总目录步步惊情F35

*Divorce Lawyers离婚律师F46

+Healing Master复合大师F46

+The Big Boss 班长大人S2F18

+The Big Boss 班长大人S1F18

+Good Time大好时光F38

*My Princess我的公主F16

+Till Death Tear Us Apart愉此一生F15

*Pretty Man国民老公F16

*Customize Happiness定制幸福F38

My Ruby My Blood一粒红尘O1

+Star April繁星四月F42

*Love 'til the VF ofSummer夏至未至48F46

*Greatest Love最佳爱情F16

*Love and Marriage恋爱结婚F16

*My mister我的大叔F16


*Her Legend她的神话F20

A Seven*faced Man柒个我F38

*Old Boy老男孩DVDF45

Twice Blooms the Flower两生花

+To Be a Better Man好先生F42

*Passionate Love热爱F47



*New Moment in Peking新京华烟云2014(F43)

The Legend and the Hero看着c元素仿古砖武王伐纣·封神榜2009

The Legend and the Hero凤鸣岐山·封神榜2007

Seven Swordsmen七剑下天山2006版

*Legend of the CondorHeroes射雕英雄传2008版F50

+Laughing in the Wind笑傲江湖李亚鹏版F40

Laughing in the Wind笑傲江湖霍建华版O25

*Candle in theTomb鬼吹灯之精绝古城F21

Demi Gods And Semi Devils天龙八部刘亦菲版

+Husbands' Secret Stash老公们的私房钱F47

Detective Dee通天狄仁杰任嘉伦

The Fate Of Swordsman-FMovie剑网3之四海流云

*The Four Scholars ofJiangnan江南四大才子2014F42

Fox Volant of the SnowyMountain雪山飞狐2006版

*The Young Warriors少年杨家将2007F43

+The New Snow Leopard对比一下玲珑传奇 修改版v1.0雪豹·坚强岁月F46

*Make You Laugh包笑公堂2014 F10

*The Legend of ChineseZodiac十二生肖传奇F34

*Return of the SilverTongue舌剑上的公堂F25

Border Town Prodigal新边城浪子O7

Water Margin水浒传97版V43

Romance of the ThreeKingdoms新三国2010V

Romance of the ThreeKingdoms三国演义94版v

+Journey to the West新西游记2010F53

Journey to the West西游记2001版v

Journey to the West西游记86版

*The Royal Tramp鹿鼎记2014F50

The Bund上海滩80版

*The Four少年四大名捕F44

+All Quiet in Peking北平无战事F53

Taiji Prodigy少年张三丰

The Spirit of The Sword浣花洗剑录

*Meteor Butterfly Sword流星蝴蝶剑王艳版F30

The Legend of BruceLee李小龙传奇V30

+The Three Heroes And FiveGallants五鼠闹东京F44

The Vigilantes in Masks怪侠一枝梅*VF30

Midnight Diner深夜食堂

Tiger Father Dog Son虎父犬子O47

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin法医秦明F20

*The Monster Killer无心法师F20

8 Avatar八仙全传2009V40

Magical Needle幻影神针v

Advisers of Criminal Law1.85必杀元素传奇刑名师爷v

+The Legendary Tycoon传奇大亨F42

*The Moon Embracing theSun拥抱太阳的月亮F20

*The Scholar Who Walks theNight夜行书生F20

Big Shot大人物VF

Tearful Sword泪痕剑VF

The Disguiser伪装者41G2

*Captain of Destiny张保仔F32

*A Swordsman in Wilderness侠隐记F33


*Hwang Jin Yi黄真伊F24

+Rakshasa Street镇魂街F24

*God of War武神2012F56

+The Great Protector镖门F38


*shin don辛盹F61

*Dong Yi同伊F60

*Sword and Flower花战F20

Painted Skin II画皮 II2013(F 37)



The Legend of Fragrance活色生香*F44V


The Legend of Zu 2蜀山战纪2踏火行歌

+The Story of Woodcutter and his foxwife刘海砍樵乔振宇版F30

+Kunlun's Past Life Mistake In ThisLife昆仑阙之前世今生F24

*Live in Love张玉贞,但未通过终审,未加*只有F的代表翻译完成, Love Amongst War薛平贵与王宝钏O48

+The Imperial Physician刁蛮俏御医F38


*Queen for Seven Days七日的王妃F20

*Moonlight Drawn by Clouds云画的月光F18


*Feast of the Gods诸神的盛宴F32

Cinderella Chef萌妻食神 OEp12

My Bratty Princess刁蛮公主2005V


Clothing the world衣被天下VF

The King Loves王在相爱O20

*Queens of Diamonds andHearts东西宫略F24

Princess Jieyou解忧公主

The Legend ofQin秦时明月VF

The Firmament of the Pleiades苍穹之昴

The Yong Zheng Dynasty雍正王朝

Emperor Wu of Han国产电视剧英文版英文字幕汇总目录汉武大帝

Demi Gods and Semi Devils天龙八部2003v

+Men With Sword刺客列传S2 F30

+Men With Sword刺客列传S1F30

Strange tales of liaozhai聊斋2VF

Strange tales of liaozhai聊斋1VF


Three Kingdoms RPG陆贞传奇玲珑回到三国2012F25

*Les Interprètes亲爱的翻译官F42

A Story of LaLa's Promotion杜拉拉升职记VF

Happy & Love Forever幸福一定强V

+The Fox's Summer狐狸的夏天S2F23

+The Fox's Summer狐狸的夏天S1F21

+The First Half of MyLife我的前半生*FV42

+The Wife's Secret妻子的秘密F54

Smilingat thistime微笑百事达

*Stairway to Heaven天国的阶梯F20

*Autumn In My Heart蓝色生死恋F16

*boss and me杉杉来了F33DVD版

+Demon girl半妖倾城VF20

*Lovers in Paris巴黎恋人F20

*Full House浪漫满屋F16

*My Girl我的女孩F16

*If You Are The One非诚勿扰F10


*The Mystic Nine老九门F48

*Ode to Joy欢乐颂S2F55

*Ode to Joy欢乐颂S1F42

*Rookie Agent Rouge胭脂F45


*Secret of the Three Kingdoms三国机密之潜龙在渊F54

+The Legend of WhiteSnake新白娘子传奇赵雅芝版F50

*Tribes and Empires: The Storm ofProphecy 九州·海上牧云记F75

Princess Pearl还珠格格新版VF

Princess Pearl还珠格格林心如版VS2

Princess Pearl还珠格格林心如版VS1F24

Legend Of Dragon Pearl国产电视剧英文版英文字幕汇总目录龙珠传奇之无间道O4

*Ten Miles of PeachBlossoms三生三世十里桃花F58

Singing All Along秀丽江山之长歌行*FV50

*Faithful to Buddha, Faithful toYou不负如来不负卿

+The Starry Night The StarrySea那片星空那片海*S2FV34

+The Starry Night The StarrySea那片星空那片海S1F32

Xuan Yuan Sword :Scarof the Sky轩辕剑之天之痕*F31VF

XuanYuan Sword: HanCloud轩辕剑之汉之云O6

*The King's Woman秦时丽人明月心F48

Chronicle Of Love寂寞空庭春欲晚F37

The Butterfly Lovers梁祝新传晏紫东O24

Empress of china武则天刘晓庆版O3

Empress of china电视剧武则天范冰冰版VF74

*The Virtuous Queen ofHan大汉贤后卫子夫F47

As Flowers Fade and Fly Across TheSky花谢花飞飞满天O10

Nothing Gold Can Stay那年花开月正圆O4

+Chinese Paladin仙剑奇侠传5仙剑云之凡F45

*In the Eye of theBeholder秋香怒点唐伯虎F20

*Chinese Paladin对比一下文字幕仙剑奇侠传3F37

*Chinese Paladin仙剑奇侠传1F34V


Novoland The Castle in theSky九州·天空城VF29

Dream of the Red Chamber红楼梦87版V

*Siege in Fog人生若如初见O21

Growling Tiger RoaringDragon大军师司马懿之虎啸龙吟

*The AdvisorsAlliance大军师司马懿之军师联盟F42

+Romance of the condorheroes神雕侠侣陈晓版F57

*Romance of the condorheroes神雕侠侣刘亦菲版F41

Heavenly Sword and DragonSaber倚天屠龙记苏有朋版FV38

*The Legend of Zu蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇F 56

*It's Not Easy Being King你看英文字大王不容易F20

Jade Palace lock Heart宫—锁心玉VF34

The Fairies Of Liao Zhai聊斋奇女子V

Empresses in the Palace后宫甄嬛传F6

+Love is more than a word识汝不识丁VF12

+General and I孤芳不自赏F 62

*The Imperial Doctress女医明妃传F50

+Legend of Zhao Yun武神赵子龙VF

+Noble Aspirations诛仙青云志F18

+Noble Aspirations诛仙青云志1F55

The Great Revival 卧薪尝胆VF

The Investiture of theGods封神英雄75O69

+Beauties of the Emperor王的女人F32

*Curse of the Royal Harem万凰之王F31

*Female Assassins in thePalace金钗谍影F45

The little fairy天外飞仙VF38

+Oh My General将军在上O18VT38

+Rule The World独步天下F45

A Life Time Love陆贞传奇玲珑上古情歌

+Desperate Love倾城绝恋F 41

*Scarlet Heart步步惊心F35

+The eternal love双世宠妃F24

*The Princess Weiyang锦绣未央F54

*Swords of Legends古剑奇谭F 50

Introduction of thePrincess倾世皇妃*FV44

Perfect couple金玉良缘VF45

Princess of Lanling King兰陵王妃VF26

Schemes of a Beauty美人心计VF40L7,20,36

The Glory of Tang Dynasty大唐荣耀O1

*War and Beauty金枝欲孽F30

*Legend of Lu Zhen陆贞传奇F59

*The Flame's Daughter烈火如歌F52

Song in theClouds云中歌VF45L14,16,30

*Beyond the Realm ofConscience宫心计F33

*Prince of Lan Ling兰陵王V+F46

*Sound of the Desert大漠谣F35

+The Screen Foxes屏里狐F22

+Princess Agents楚乔传F58

+Soul Stitcher画心师F20

The Journey ofFlower花千骨VF58

*Jewel in the Palace大长今F54

+Song of Phoenix思美人F78

The Legend of Mi Yue芈月传O38

*Untouchable lovers 凤囚凰F54

*Lost Love in Times醉玲珑F56

*Nirvana in Fire琅琊榜S2F50

*Nirvana in Fire对比一下玲珑琅琊榜S1F54

*Ice Fantasy幻城F62

*Game of Hunting猎场F52

+Colourful bone艳骨F54




*和+号都表示翻译已通过终审, O----Ongoing-----正在翻译中+已经翻译完成集数



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